grave-lockhart rsz_lockhardt

ID Number104492
NameLOCKHART George C. Eliott
CemeteryChurch of England
StatusReinstated Monument recovered from the chapel when it was demolished
Location on the Modern Grid MapL14 06
Inscription on TombstoneSacred to the memory of George C Eliott Lockhart, lieutenant R. N., 2nd son of the late Major W Eliott Lockhart, Madras Army, who died from exposure near Mataikuni (sic.- actually Mataikona) on the 4th September 1871 aged 30 years
Description of GraveThis headstone was being stored in the chapel at Bolton Street, but was intended for erection at Castlepoint Cemetery where he lies in an unmarked grave
Date of Death or Burial*04 Sep, 1871
Public Cemetery Register Number
Type of Record Burial
BiographyBio Not Available

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